Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Memories of the Heart

Christmas , New Years Eve, Hanukkah ,Valentines Day, Superbowl Sunday, St. Patricks Day and the rest, bring to mind the many different times when wine and beer are an integral part of the celebration. I remember the Wassail Bowl at Christmas and the Champagne at the New Year. I remember the incredible times in Boston and Savannah and Asheville on St. Pat's. The great beer served in the Pubs and Bars and private parties on Superbowl Sunday come flowing back to my memory. It's a bit like great friends and favorite relatives you see after a long absence. It's a little piece of happiness invoked by warm memories and good times.Remember your first ice cold Corona listening to the waves and watching the sunset at Carolina Beach? Remember the sound of a popping cork as you opened a chilled bottle of Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc on that special New Years Eve? Remember the game winning touchdown, the cheers and Miller Lite ?

Humans have always responded to their memories of taste and smell and sound . Memories of the heart are intertwined with our sesnsory memories. A leg of lamb , a family gathered, a Pinot from Willamette Valley gives us a certain peace. It is comfort while we are experiencing it and comfort when we recall the experience. It is almost a genetic memory. It is common to all mankind. So, revel in your celebrations and look upon each day not only for it's face value but also for the future and the memories of the heart.

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