Tuesday, June 8, 2010


About three weeks ago I had the idea that some of Asheville's (and beyond) finest "Wine Minds" might have a favorite wine quotation. An homage to the juice, be it original or not, has always been an important clue to the person as well as their take on the second oldest profession. The oldest profession predating wine merchants shall go unmentioned here.I teetered around and asked a lot of the men and women whose opinions and knowledge I respect for a quote. Now , children, don't be hurt or miffed or mad that you are not included. Time was a factor. Even wine blogs have deadlines and I'm way over mine. Dr. Thompson had a few choice words about deadlines but I can't publish them here. I can publish quotes and comments however. Here they are with a few personal favorites thrown in.Credit has been given to the originators when I can. If it's wrong, you know where to find me. "Carpe Vino"
" Burgundy makes you think of silly things. Bordeaux makes you talk of them and champagne makes you do them" Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
" You have only so many bottles in your life. Never drink a bad one." Len Evans
The above quotes were submitted by Brian Eddington, General Manager, Skyland Distributing Company. Brian is not only one of the best palates around but he also needs to be commended for keeping me on the payroll! (yea, I will kiss up)
" Everybody talks about how much I drink, but no one asks me how thirsty I am. " Oscar Wilde
This was sent by Hunt Mallett, prime mover and shaker at the Weinhaus in Asheville. His family has been there, flogging wine since the early 12th century. Be sure to stop in.
"With wine, as with women, there is very little meaningful information one can deduce by looking at the legs." Karen MacNeil
This way cool observation came by way of Jessica Gualano who presides over the Wine Studio of Asheville. She is a wine educator who just happens to sell juice by the bottle/case. Charlotte Street next to the pub.
"When guests ask me how to learn more about wine I tell them "the more you drink the more you know and the more you drink the more you think you know"
Mr. Kevin Schwartz, Asheville Foodie( check out his blogs) and somehow being paid at the Grove Park Inn( a joke Kevin, I swear!) Another educator. GPI, a REAL HOTEL amidst the chaos.
"The labels on a bottle give no insight into the hard work given in the vineyard. It's there the wine is made." Martin Pusser (an original quote...just like Martin.)
Martin is the wine buyer at Greenlife Grocery. Martin is a guy who can talk to you for 5 minutes and pick a wine that will fit all your needs. ( not to mention wants and desires)
I will leave you with three I have decided on. The first is original. The next two are not.
" If you like it it's good. It doesn't mean a damn what ratings Parker gave it. It matters little how many points it got in the Spectator. If you like it it's good. If you don't...it's not" Danthewineman
" The one thing I regret is that I've not drunk enough Champagne" Oscar Wilde, supposedly on his deathbed.
Got some more? Contact me. Carpe Vino.

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