Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carpe Vino

This is the very first newsletter devoted to wine in the history of Skyland Distributing Company Asheville founded in 1963. I hope to develop a better skills set on the computer as we go along.Right now I'm just a bebe in the woods when it comes to all the set up and etc. I have found comfort in the fact that pretty is pretty and not necessarily informative. Here goes.
We found a hit last night with La Marca Prosecco! Very well received at The Asheville Food and Wine Fair at the Ag. Center. This is a new product that is extremely UNDER-PRICED at this point. Ask your Skyland salesperson for a taste.
Along the same line, we are proud to introduce HeXecco Blanc. This is a sparkling (noticing a pattern here?) from Hex vom Dasenstein. It involves Witches and ancient hexes and a fresh, seductive , fragrant , elegant Secco. It's 90 degrees. This is perfect!
Next up is a Cava from Catalonia. Oriol Domenech,the winemaker ,offers this rather young but tasty entry just in time to COOL US DOWN! I'm all in for 'dat.
The next letter will be devoted to a few new entries to our excellent portfolio. It will also contain some rare wines and vintages that I have found in the dusty recesses of our state of the art climate controlled warehouse. I've stumbled upon some outstanding stuff. Really.

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